The beach scene where the MOST ULTIMATE kiss happened. Rated XXXX grabbing the sand, was filmed on 75th Street “North Beach” of Miami Beach. It’s a public beach. You can walk to it from VivaMiami!, where the bedroom got hot!

Is it hot enough for you?

Inside the VivaMiami! apartment is a famous invisible dish rack. The MOST TALENTED crew including Adele Romanski and Barry Jenkins and a pro art-director assistant Faren, (did not get a chance to notice, but that’s another story!) because they staged the kitchen to look a bit used. Thank goodness they really didn’t ruin the kitchen with a dish rack on the counter! Because just above the sink there’s a wooden beam that uses a dish towel…how lovely…they were environmentally friendly!!! A smart design for a kitchen but in our opinion, at VivaMiami! The broom is best kept tidy in the utility closet.

VivaMiami! is the first apartment during the last Moonlight scene, chosen for its charisma and cleanliness. The crew felt very welcomed by all the neighbors and they are truly welcomed back anytime they want!!!! The VivaMiami! apartment has become a shrine to the Moonlight movie, so, really only VIPs get to stay at the apartment and only with the owner’s express authorization. It’s an awesome 5 star clean comfortable place to stay with a King Bed. For the movie, the bed was taken out of the room and the actors are faced against each other between two different colored walls for contrast. The two must have squatted down on their knees for the filming, because the shot is a close-up, and we know they couldn’t fit their crew and cameras in to the room with the actual king bed. Nevertheless it is a king bed – so you can just imagine how steamy the scene went, if they weren’t camera shy 😉

The bedroom scene in the Moonlight Movie was filmed at VivaMiami! where the DripDry is installed in most of the VivaMiami! condo kitchens. Located at 7445 Harding Ave, Miami Beach, FL 33141, is where Mahershala Ali and Trevante Rhodes filmed their parts in the kitchen. You can also purchase The Drip Dry at